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Offering PC to phone calling at low rates and high quality

DUAL Talk provides a complete solution for setting up and managing your call shop.  This page describes our callshop VoIP solution.

  • Calling rates

    We offer three tariff and routing plans:

    - DUAL Talk Gold
    - DUAL Talk Silver
    - DUAL Talk LCR

    You can choose your tariff depending on your traffic profile and whether your priorities lie with low rates or high voice quality.

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  • Discount scheme

    We reward higher spending customers with discounts of between 5% and 19% determined by their spending levels.

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  • Wholesale rates

    Reseller and wholesale customers with high volume can use our "DUAL Talk LCR" or "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs and are eligible for discounts of up to 19% depending on volume.

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  • DUAL Softswitch

    This calling service and its online control panels are powered by DUAL Softswitch.

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Four good reasons to choose DUAL Talk

  • High quality calls

    We link to multiple tier-1 carriers using TDM links and equipment that we own and manage.  We rollover failed calls in real time.

    These features are designed to offer your customers high quality calls and high availability.

  • Free billing system

    We offer a free pre-pay or post-pay billing system to all call shop customers, allowing you to charge customers in your own currency and rates.

    The system is self configuring and gives you full control over your booths; multiple access levels and flexible reports.

  • Reliable VoIP Hardware

    We supply the range of high quality Voice over IP gateways from Cisco.

    These gateways are pre-configured to your account before they are delivered, making them a simple 'plug-and-play' solution.

  • Easy payments

    You can pay us quickly and easily using our Western Union Quick Pay account.

    We accept payments into our UK bank account or, subject to approval, you can pay using your credit card

Hardware solutions

With DUAL Talk, you will use Voice over IP (H.323 or SIP) for call completion.  We are able to supply a high quality gateway to you that you can connect to standard telephones in your calling booths and to an Internet connection.  We sell these as part of calling packages that include hardware supply, cabling, initial configuration and enough DUAL Talk call time to get you started.  Click here for more information.

Of course, you do not have to buy hardware from us to use DUAL Talk in your call shop.  We support a wide range of H.323 and SIP compliant devices.  If you would like to buy a gateway from another source, we have published advice on our recommended devices.   You will need to configure the device yourself if you choose this option.   Please see our configuration guidelines for popular gateways.

Call shop billing system

All of our call shop customers benefit from a free call shop billing system.  The system automatically detects the booths that have made calls in the last three hours.  By clicking on booth link, you can see the call in progress and the calls that have been completed, but not yet paid for by the caller using that cabin.  Daily reports are available to assist in "end-of-day" cash accounting.

The system allows you to open and close booths and to manage either a postpay or prepay call shop operation.  Two levels of access are available on the system.  This allows the reporting and configuration of the system to be restricted to an Administrator and the day to day billing features to be available to all staff in the shop.

The billing system is completely self-configuring.  You just need to set the currency that your callers will be charged and the rates that you wish to charge your customers.

Please click here for detailed instructions and example screen displays.

Network infrastructure

All of your calls will be sent to a selection of major international carriers through TDM connections in London.  In the event of an individual call failing, we automatically reroute that call to multiple carriers until the call connects.   This takes place in real time while your caller is waiting to be connected.   These features ensure good voice quality and high route availability for your customers.

Our switching platforms are located at two different secure data centres in London for redundancy.  The IP network is fully switched, with multiple redundant routers and multiple connections to different ISPs.  This enables us to provide a very high degree of service availability.

We own and manage all VoIP gateways and switches on our network.  We provide fast technical support through our team of experienced and capable telecommunication engineers, who share the same passion for the industry as you do.

Commercial terms

Our service is prepay.  The quickest and easiest way to pay us is using our Western Union Quick Pay account.  Although you should always allow twenty-four hours for a payment to be credited to your account, you will find that your payment is often added to your DUAL Talk account within a few minutes of being sent.

More information

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information about our call shop services.
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