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PC to Phone software dialer

DUAL Phone is our free software dialler.  Used in conjunction with a DUAL Talk calling account, it will provide you with low cost, high quality telephone calls from your Windows computer.

  • Calling rates

    We offer three tariff and routing plans:

    - DUAL Talk Gold
    - DUAL Talk Silver
    - DUAL Talk LCR

    You can choose your tariff depending on your traffic profile and whether your priorities lie with low rates or high voice quality.

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  • Discount scheme

    We reward higher spending customers with discounts of between 5% and 19% determined by their spending levels.

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  • Wholesale rates

    Reseller and wholesale customers with high volume can use our "DUAL Talk LCR" or "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs and are eligible for discounts of up to 19% depending on volume.

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  • DUAL Softswitch

    This calling service and its online control panels are powered by DUAL Softswitch.

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VoIP dialer

DUAL Talk is a cost effective solution for Internet telephony offering low cost high and high quality international telephone calls using the Internet.  If you do not have an IP phone such as a Linksysy PAP2, you can still take advantage of DUAL Talk's service using DUAL Phone, our free software dialer.

Windows SIP dialler
DUAL Phone - the DUAL Talk software dialler

DUAL Phone is easy to install and available for immediate download.  When it is first run, DUAL Phone will give you the opportunity of setting up a new DUAL Talk account for testing your installation.

DUAL Phone works on all versions of the Windows operating system.

DUAL Phone Installation

To install DUAL Phone, simply download the installation programme and run it.  After the installation, DUAL Phone will start, and will ask you for an account number and password.   If you do not yet have a DUAL Talk account, click on the lower button, and the account setup wizard will gather the required information from you.  On completion, your new DUAL Talk account number and password will be emailed to you.

DUAL Phone signup
DUAL Phone start up

When you run DUAL Phone for the first time, a wizard will start up and help you test and select the audio devices to use with DUAL Phone.

Testing DUAL Phone

You do not have to put money into your account to test DUAL Phone.   Just dial 123, and, if all is well, you will hear a test announcement.

To make further tests, please contact DUAL Talk Sales.

Audio quality

Audio quality on the Internet based DUAL Talk network is equal to the quality on standard fixed telephone lines.  You will enjoy the highest voice quality and the lowest delays with your software dialler if you follow this advice:
  1. Use a headset.
  2. USB headsets often offer higher quality than sound card headsets, but are a little more expensive.
  3. Do not use desktop speakers for listening to the call.  Although the quality may sound fine to you, the people you call will hear a disturbing echo.

More information

If you need more information concerning DUAL Phone, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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