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Accessing DUAL Talk

Configuration details for Nokia mobile phones for accessing DUAL Talk VoIP and making SIP calls

  • Calling rates

    We offer three tariff and routing plans:

    - DUAL Talk Gold
    - DUAL Talk Silver
    - DUAL Talk LCR

    You can choose your tariff depending on your traffic profile and whether your priorities lie with low rates or high voice quality.

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  • Discount scheme

    We reward higher spending customers with discounts of between 5% and 19% determined by their spending levels.

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  • Wholesale rates

    Reseller and wholesale customers with high volume can use our "DUAL Talk LCR" or "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs and are eligible for discounts of up to 19% depending on volume.

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  • DUAL Softswitch

    This calling service and its online control panels are powered by DUAL Softswitch.

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SIP calls from Nokias

These instructions relate to Nokia mobile phones running Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna.  The following telephones are supported:

Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7-00, Nokia E6-00, Nokia E7-00, Nokia N8-00

Other Nokia mobiles >>

Some Nokia cell phones include a built in SIP client for making VoIP calls.  The SIP client is not an add-in software, but a completely integrated solution for making VoIP calls.  The quality of this SIP client is excellent, and it can be used directly from the phone's contact list without starting up a third party application.

There are three stages to setting up DUAL Talk SIP calling on your Nokia phone:

  1. Downloading a Nokia configuration application
  2. Defining the DUAL Talk SIP settings
  3. Creating a SIP Service

Downloading configuration tool

Not all VoIP settings are available on the menu of this Nokia telephone.   Nokia have made an application available that adds the menu options necessary for you to define your own SIP carriers on your telephone.

Point your mobile browser to http://dualtalk.com/sipt3.sis and download and install the application.

Creating the SIP settings

Start the Net settings application on your menu at Settings | Connectivity | Admin. settings.  Select Advanced VoIP settings | SIP settings.  Use the Options key to select New SIP Profile | Use default profile.

Most of the settings on this page can be left at their default values, but the following settings should be made:

  • Optionally, set a Profile name.  In this case, the name has been set to DUAL Talk.
  • Set an access point.  This is very important, and tells your phone which internet connection to use for SIP calls.
  • Set Public user name to [DUAL Talk account number]@sip.dualtalk.com.  So, if your DUAL Talk account number is 100001, set this field to 100001@sip.dualtalk.com.

SIP settings on Nokia cell phones

  • Scroll down to Registrar server and select this entry.  This will open a new page, where the following settings should be made:
    • Registrar server address = sip.dualtalk.com
    • Realm = sip.dualtalk.com
    • User name = [Your DUAL Talk account number]
    • Password = [Your DUAL Talk password]

SIP settings on Nokia SIP clients

Press the Back key twice, and you should see a list of defined SIP settings.   DUAL Talk should be shown on the list as "Not registered", because the registration will take place before the first call attempt.

Nokia VoIP SIP settings

Creating the SIP service

Press the Back key to return to the Advanced settings menu and select VoIP services., which is usually above SIP settings.

Click on the Options key and select New Service and then DUAL Talk.  There is no need to activate the service at this point.

Nokia VoIP SIP settings

Return to the home screen.  Your Nokia cellphone is now configured to make SIP calls through DUAL Talk.

Making calls

Having configured your Nokia mobile phone for VoIP calling through DUAL Talk, you are ready to make your first call.  We have a test facility that you can reach by calling 123.  To make a call, press 123 and then the Net call key.  If the configuration was correct, you should hear the message "This is the Internet Telephone calling service.  Please contact your service provider to activate your account".

As this is the first Nokia SIP call that you have made since you switched on the telephone, you will be prompted to register with the internet telephone service.  Pressing the Yes key will cause the internet connection to be established and registration with DUAL Talk to take place.  This will take a few seconds.  After this, the call should connect.

Making a SIP call from a Nokia mobile phone

Common questions about Nokia VoIP

My phone is not on the list of support Nokia mobiles.  What should I do?

If your phone is not listed, then it does not include a SIP client and integrated VoIP is not available.  VoIP calling may still be possible with these phones, and we suggest you investigate Nimbuzz as a possible solution, because Nimbuzz allows you to configure other SIP providers for calling with their software.

Can SIP calls be made through 3G or GPRS?

We recommend making calls through WLAN (WiFi).  3G (UMTS) and GPRS may work, but your experience will vary depending on the quality of the internet service provided by telephone provider.  Also, data sent through a 3G or GPRS connection may be chargeable.  All of the phones listed are capable of VoIP over 3G/GPRS except the Nokia 6300i, Nokia 6260 Slide, Nokia C3-01 and Nokia X3-02.

Which codec does the Nokia SIP client support?

With DUAL Talk, the Nokia SIP client will make calls using the G.711 codec.  This provides the best quality, but can be bandwidth intensive.  If you prefer, we can set your account to use the lower bandwidth G.729 codec.  Please contact our support team to have this feature set on your account.

Can the Nokia phone be configured to always register with DUAL Talk?

Yes, you can set this on the SIP settings page.  Change Registration from When needed to Always on.  You may find your batter draining quicker with this option set.

Do I have to dial 00 for all calls, including calls to my own country?

No.  You can set your own country code at My DUAL Talk.  This can help to match DUAL Talk with your contacts list format.

Can I set all calls to use DUAL Talk by default?

Usually, yes.  Please refer to your Nokia user guide.

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Last modified: 22 November 2011

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