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Accessing DUAL Talk

This page explains our policy concerning the configuration of the Tenor range of gateways and switches from Quintum.

  • Calling rates

    We offer three tariff and routing plans:

    - DUAL Talk Gold
    - DUAL Talk Silver
    - DUAL Talk LCR

    You can choose your tariff depending on your traffic profile and whether your priorities lie with low rates or high voice quality.

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  • Discount scheme

    We reward higher spending customers with discounts of between 5% and 19% determined by their spending levels.

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  • Wholesale rates

    Reseller and wholesale customers with high volume can use our "DUAL Talk LCR" or "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs and are eligible for discounts of up to 19% depending on volume.

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  • DUAL Softswitch

    This calling service and its online control panels are powered by DUAL Softswitch.

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Quintum Tenor gateways

If you purchase a Quintum gateway from us, we will configure it before sending it to you.  If you have your own Quintum gateway, then we may be able to configure it for you, if we have engineering resource available.   In order to do this, your installation must meet the following criteria:
  • The device must be a second generation device (AS, AX or AF series).  We do not configure first generation gateways such as the A800.
  • The device must be running P104 firmware or higher.  If it is at P103 or below, then you will need to upgrade it before contacting us.  Firmware and installation instructions can be downloaded from the Quintum web site.
  • You must know the password of your gateway.  If you do not know the password, you should contact Quintum to have the password reset.  We will not do this on your behalf.
  • The gateway must have a valid licence file installed.  Most gateways should have a licence file installed.  But, if you have "flashed the memory", you will need to contact Quintum to obtain a new licence file and you will need to install that file.
  • You will need to reset the gateway to its factory settings before we start the configuration.  This is very important, and can save our engineers hours of time.   You can do this by issuing the setfactory command at the CLI prompt.   Before you do this, we strongly recommend that you backup the gateway's configuration so that you can easily restore the original configuration if required.

Quintum gateways more complicated to configure than most VoIP devices.  For this reason, we do not publish configuration settings.

Quintum gateways behind NAT

Ideally, your Quintum Tenor gateway should have a public IP address or full access to a public IP address through a router's DMZ.  This is not always possible, because some ISPs do not allocate public IP addresses to their customers.

We have developed our own solution to enable us to configure Quintum gateways that are installed behind NAT routers that cannot be reconfigured.  To take advantage of this service, you will need to download the Tenor Remote Control application for Windows.

This is a single file that should be downloaded to a Windows PC on the same local network as your Tenor.  For example, if the Quintum is installed in a call shop, you can download and run this software on any computer in the shop.  The software does not require any configuration.  As soon as it is launched, it searches for Quintum gateways on your LAN.  If it detects more than one Tenor, it will ask you which gateway you would like configured.

Once the Quintum gateway has been identified, it will attempt a connection to our support centre.  If you have arranged for our support team to configure your gateway, they will accept the connection and will have full access to your gateway.  The services in use (Telnet, Configuration Manager and FTP) are displayed on the status bar.

Tenor Remote Control tool
Tenor Remote Control tool

Please contact our support team to arrange an appointment for this work.  In the meantime, you may download Tenor Remote Control to ensure it detects your gateway.

Further information

Please contact DUAL Talk Technical Support if you need any further information.
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Last modified: 10 May 2011

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