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Offering PC to phone calling at low rates and high quality

DUAL Talk offers A-Z competitively priced A-Z termination services for ITSPs and busy call shops.

  • Discount scheme

    We reward higher spending customers with discounts of between 5% and 19% determined by their spending levels.

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  • Wholesale rates

    Reseller and wholesale customers with high volume can use our "DUAL Talk LCR" or "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs and are eligible for discounts of up to 19% depending on volume.

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Wholesale VoIP services

We offer A-Z termination services aimed at telecommunications carriers, ISPs and busy call shops with voice over IP traffic that requires termination onto the public telephone network.  As a higher spending customer, you will be eligible a discount of up to 19%, automatically determined by the size of your payments.

This table shows the tiered discount structure that is used in determining a discount level:

More than $505%
More than $20010%
More than $50013%
More than $100016%
More than $200019%

Check out our rates

Your calling rates will be based on level of prepayments that you make.  We have published some example A-Z wholesale rates based on a prepayment of USD 1000.

Online account management

Our online account management features allow you to administer the following aspects of your A-Z termination account:
  • You may set and change the IP addresses of the H323 or SIP devices from which you send calls for global voice over IP termination.
  • Your can view a financial summary showing the available funds you have in place for A-Z termination.
  • You can view your payment history, including printable invoices.
  • You can view complete call records since your account was created.
  • You can make online payments using a credit card (subject to approval and a transaction fee).

Sign up and payment

Please click here to signup for an account.  We accept the following payment methods:
  • Bank transfer
  • Western Union Quick Pay.
  • Credit card (2% credit fee for GBP payments; 5% credit card fee for USD and EUR payments).

How to access DUAL Talk

Click here for general guidelines on how to send your H323 or SIP traffic to DUAL Talk for termination.
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