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Offering PC to phone calling at low rates and high quality

This page shows details of the DUAL Talk low calling rates.

  • Discount scheme

    We reward higher spending customers with discounts of between 5% and 19% determined by their spending levels.

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  • Wholesale rates

    Reseller and wholesale customers with high volume can use our "DUAL Talk LCR" or "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs and are eligible for discounts of up to 19% depending on volume.

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DUAL Talk rates

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The rates on these tables are our "DUAL Talk LCR" and "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs.  The "DUAL Talk Silver" rates have a 16% discount included, which assumes regular payments of USD 1000 on your account.  Click here for more information on the discount scheme.

DestinationDUAL Talk LCRDUAL Talk Silver
Gabon - Mobile$0.4063$0.4355
Gabon - Mobile (Airtel)$0.4673$0.4612
Gabon - Mobile (Azur)$0.4859$0.4640
Gabon - Mobile (Libertis)$0.4746$0.4533
Gabon - Mobile (Moov)$0.4347$0.4533
Gambia - Mobile$0.6617$0.6681
Georgia (Autonomous)$0.1900$0.1814
Georgia (Tblisi)$0.1851$0.1767
Georgia - Mobile$0.3249$0.3104
Georgia - Mobile (Magti)$0.3291$0.3143
Germany - Mobile$0.1656$0.1582
Germany - Mobile (E Plus)$0.0228$0.0234
Germany - Mobile (Lycamobile)$0.0247$0.0266
Germany - Mobile (O2)$0.0228$0.0234
Germany - Mobile (T Mobile)$0.0216$0.0233
Germany - Mobile (Vodafone)$0.0212$0.0228
Ghana (Accra)$0.2777$0.2735
Ghana - Mobile$0.2884$0.2867
Ghana - Mobile (MTN)$0.2414$0.2475
Ghana - Mobile (TIGO)$0.2695$0.3017
Ghana - Mobile (Vodafone)$0.2575$0.2729
Gibraltar - Mobile$0.1591$0.1520
Global Services (Freephone)$0.0020$0.0083
Global Services (Personal Number)$2.7244$2.6022
Global Services (UPT)$2.7244$2.6022
Greece (Athens)$0.0080$0.0209
Greece (Crete)$0.0080$0.0206
Greece (Rhodes)$0.0080$0.0206
Greece (Thessaloniki)$0.0080$0.0206
Greece - Mobile$0.0191$0.0206
Greece - Mobile (Cosmote)$0.0221$0.0268
Greece - Mobile (Q Telecom)$0.0191$0.0206
Greece - Mobile (Telesat)$0.0211$0.0761
Greece - Mobile (Vodafone)$0.0221$0.0765
Greenland - Mobile$0.0523$0.0539
Grenada - Mobile (CW)$0.2310$0.2323
Grenada - Mobile (Digicel)$0.2290$0.2408
Guadeloupe - Mobile$0.0462$0.0476
Guadeloupe - Mobile (Digicel)$0.0278$0.0286
Guadeloupe - Mobile (Orange)$0.0462$0.0476
Guatemala (Cablenet)$0.0902$0.0932
Guatemala (Comcel)$0.0902$0.0932
Guatemala (PCS)$0.0902$0.0932
Guatemala (TDN)$0.0902$0.0932
Guatemala (Telefonica)$0.0902$0.0932
Guatemala (Telgua)$0.0792$0.0932
Guatemala - Mobile$0.1653$0.1592
Guatemala - Mobile (Comcel)$0.1509$0.1592
Guatemala - Mobile (PCS)$0.1141$0.1251
Guatemala - Mobile (Telefonica)$0.1516$0.1592
Guinea - Mobile (Cellcom)$0.4619$0.4830
Guinea - Mobile (Intercel)$0.4502$0.4301
Guinea - Mobile (MTN)$0.4796$0.4830
Guinea - Mobile (Orange)$0.4982$0.4830
Guinea Bissau$0.4412$0.4213
Guinea Bissau - Mobile$0.4412$0.4213
Guyana - Mobile$0.2638$0.2652
Guyana - Mobile (Digicel)$0.1245$0.1191

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Further information

The rates displayed are shown per minute.  All calls are charged at a minimum call duration of 30 seconds, and thereafter, are charged in 6 second increments.

Customers within the European Union are also subject to 17.5% Value Added Tax.

You should be aware that DUAL Talk is not a replacement for a regular landline.   Specifically:

  • There is no access to emergency services, directory enquiries or operator assistance
  • The service may not work if there is a power cut or failure of your internet connection
  • There is no ability to port telephone numbers
  • CLI is not supported
  • There are no special measures for end users with disabilities
  • Freephone calls are itemised
  • There are restrictions on certain number ranges and country codes
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