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Offering PC to phone calling at low rates and high quality

This page shows details of the DUAL Talk low calling rates.

  • Discount scheme

    We reward higher spending customers with discounts of between 5% and 19% determined by their spending levels.

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  • Wholesale rates

    Reseller and wholesale customers with high volume can use our "DUAL Talk LCR" or "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs and are eligible for discounts of up to 19% depending on volume.

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DUAL Talk rates

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The rates on these tables are our "DUAL Talk LCR" and "DUAL Talk Silver" tariffs.  The "DUAL Talk Silver" rates have a 16% discount included, which assumes regular payments of USD 1000 on your account.  Click here for more information on the discount scheme.

DestinationDUAL Talk LCRDUAL Talk Silver
San Marino$0.0191$0.0206
San Marino - Mobile$0.0191$0.0206
Sao Tome and Principe$0.9150$0.9201
Sao Tome and Principe - Mobile$0.9150$0.9201
Saudi Arabia$0.0974$0.1005
Saudi Arabia - Mobile$0.1299$0.1240
Saudi Arabia - Mobile (Mobily)$0.1266$0.1273
Saudi Arabia - Mobile (Zain)$0.1258$0.1255
Senegal (Dakar)$0.2644$0.2525
Senegal (Expresso)$0.4506$0.4475
Senegal - Mobile (Expresso)$0.2059$0.4413
Senegal - Mobile (Orange)$0.2816$0.3654
Senegal - Mobile (Tigo)$0.3218$0.4344
Serbia (Belgrade)$0.1771$0.1846
Serbia (Orion)$0.1807$0.1815
Serbia - Mobile$0.4394$0.4196
Serbia - Mobile (Srbija)$0.4714$0.4502
Serbia - Mobile (Telenor)$0.4028$0.3847
Seychelles - Mobile$0.5076$0.4848
Sierra Leone$0.4775$0.4560
Sierra Leone (Freetown)$0.5687$1.3178
Sierra Leone - Mobile$0.5309$0.5070
Sierra Leone - Mobile (Celtel)$0.4605$0.4755
Sierra Leone - Mobile (Comium)$0.5309$0.5070
Singapore - Mobile$0.0116$0.0157
Slovakia (Orange)$0.0059$0.0123
Slovakia - Mobile$0.0069$0.0123
Slovakia - Mobile (Orange)$0.0263$0.0286
Slovakia - Mobile (T Mobile)$0.0250$0.0272
Slovakia - Mobile (Telefonica O2)$0.0250$0.0272
Slovenia - Mobile$0.2211$0.2300
Slovenia - Mobile (Kosovo Ipkonet)$0.4406$0.4405
Slovenia - Mobile (Mobitel)$0.1807$0.3079
Solomon Islands$0.8845$0.8448
Somalia (Nationlink)$0.5139$1.3178
South Africa$0.0121$0.0192
South Africa (Cape Town)$0.0121$0.0193
South Africa (Johannesburg)$0.0121$0.0190
South Africa (Special Services)$0.5363$1.3178
South Africa - Mobile$0.0207$0.0257
South Africa - Mobile (MTN)$0.0144$0.3387
South Sudan$0.2195$0.2097
South Sudan - Mobile$0.2195$0.2097
Spain - Mobile$0.0212$0.1047
Spain - Mobile (M2m)$0.0525$0.1047
Spain - Mobile (Orange)$0.0295$0.1047
Spain - Mobile (Telefonica)$0.0525$0.1047
Spain - Mobile (Vodafone)$0.0213$0.1047
Spain - Mobile (Xfera)$0.0224$0.1047
Sri Lanka$0.1846$0.1772
Sri Lanka (SLT)$0.1685$0.1667
Sri Lanka (WLL)$0.1846$0.1772
Sri Lanka - Mobile$0.1678$0.1662
Sri Lanka - Mobile (Dialog)$0.1583$0.1680
Sri Lanka - Mobile (Mobitel)$0.1678$0.1695
Sri Lanka - Mobile (TIGO)$0.1678$0.1711
St Helena$0.8573$0.8188
St Kitts and Nevis$0.2122$0.2134
St Kitts and Nevis - Mobile$0.2334$0.2482
St Kitts and Nevis - Mobile (CW)$0.2469$0.2482
St Kitts and Nevis - Mobile (Digicel)$0.1245$0.2616
St Kitts and Nevis - Mobile (Roaming)$0.2122$0.2134
St Lucia$0.2219$0.2231
St Lucia - Mobile$0.2632$0.2644
St Lucia - Mobile (CW)$0.2632$0.2644
St Lucia - Mobile (Digicel)$0.2439$0.2451
St Pierre and Miquelon$0.1882$0.1797
St Pierre and Miquelon - Mobile$0.2596$0.2480
St Vincent and Grenadines$0.2059$0.2447
St Vincent and Grenadines - Mobile$0.2611$0.2623
St Vincent and Grenadines - Mobile (Digicel)$0.2469$0.2482
Sudan (Canar)$0.1438$0.1373
Sudan - Mobile$0.1679$0.1604
Sudan - Mobile (MTN)$0.0975$0.1793
Sudan - Mobile (Sudatel)$0.1314$0.1541
Sudan - Mobile (Zain)$0.1464$0.1621
Suriname - Mobile$0.1887$0.1908
Suriname - Mobile (Digicel)$0.3646$0.3483
Swaziland - Mobile$0.0371$0.0382
Sweden (Paging)$0.0060$0.0117
Sweden - Mobile$0.0134$0.0188
Sweden - Mobile (Comviq)$0.0134$0.0188
Sweden - Mobile (Hi3G)$0.0134$0.0188
Sweden - Mobile (Telenor)$0.0134$0.0188
Sweden - Mobile (Telia)$0.0134$0.0188
Switzerland (IVPN)$0.0112$0.0167
Switzerland (OLO)$0.0112$0.0167
Switzerland - Mobile$0.4829$0.4876
Switzerland - Mobile (In-Phone)$0.4718$0.9883
Switzerland - Mobile (Orange)$0.4718$0.4876
Switzerland - Mobile (Paging)$0.4829$0.4876
Switzerland - Mobile (Sunrise)$1.0348$0.9883
Switzerland - Mobile (Swisscom)$0.4718$0.4876
Syria - Mobile$0.2820$0.2693

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Further information

The rates displayed are shown per minute.  All calls are charged at a minimum call duration of 30 seconds, and thereafter, are charged in 6 second increments.

Customers within the European Union are also subject to 17.5% Value Added Tax.

You should be aware that DUAL Talk is not a replacement for a regular landline.   Specifically:

  • There is no access to emergency services, directory enquiries or operator assistance
  • The service may not work if there is a power cut or failure of your internet connection
  • There is no ability to port telephone numbers
  • CLI is not supported
  • There are no special measures for end users with disabilities
  • Freephone calls are itemised
  • There are restrictions on certain number ranges and country codes
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